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Turner’s solicitors support students who have not been treated fairly by their University or College.

We have successfully represented many students who bring complaints relating to poor supervision at degree and Ph.D. level.

These complaints often arise at a critical point in a student’s education, when they are about to embark on their career.

We lead negotiations to solve problems using legal arguments when necessary. We also act on the complaints procedure, which must be followed.

Turner’s have brought many successful complaints to the Office of Independent Adjudicator. We act for students in a range of disputes such as differences over course work, plagiarism, complaints about staff, PhD supervision, fitness to practice and exclusion from the University.

We advise students through the internal University complaints procedure and then the Office of Independent Adjudicator (OIA). The OIA is able to recommend action which they that the University should take to correct the situation.

If the above procedures cannot appropriately deal with complaints, we can offer advice in relation to Breach of Contract, as a contract exists between the University and Student.

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Turner’s Solicitors specialise in helping parents and students gain the most from their school, college or University experience.  We handle all matters relating to education including Special Educational Needs, Admission Appeals, Exclusion Appeals, University Complaints and Disability Discrimination cases.


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