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Turner’s Solicitors deal with all legal matters relating to Schools, Colleges and Universities.

This includes Special Educational Needs (SEN), Admission Appeals, School Exclusion, University Appeals and Disability Discrimination.

The law is clear in its aims to protect educational interests; be they children with Special Educational Needs, who need an Education Health and Care Plan or students who have not been treated fairly by their University or College.

Turner’s is a niche practice that only deals in Education law. They have developed an excellent reputation across England and Wales. Distance from clients is not an issue. Ms Turner is regularly crossing the country as communicates by e-mail and telephone, including telephone conference calls. Emma Turner usually travels to see parents and attends the hearings/appeals wherever necessary. Ms Turner has a success rate in excess of 95% in tribunal cases.

We appreciate that when parents are working and running a busy family home, life can be hectic, so if it is more convenient to discuss matters in the evening or at weekends, we are always happy to do this. Wherever possible we will tailor our service to fit the client and can offer fixed fee arrangements.

Where clients need Independent Assessments from professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists or Educational Psychologists we are happy to make recommendations.

We also work closely with a number of charities who operate in this field.
At the end of every matter we ask clients to complete a feedback questionnaire. We consider these carefully as feedback enables us to up-hold our standards and adjust our services according to the needs of our clients. Some testimonials are included on this website and contact details of past and existing clients can be provided where required.

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Turner’s Solicitors specialise in helping parents and students gain the most from their school, college or University experience.  We handle all matters relating to education including Special Educational Needs, Admission Appeals, Exclusion Appeals, University Complaints and Disability Discrimination cases.


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