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We are often asked to advise parents when their child has received either a fixed term or permanent exclusion from school.

Some schools try to get away with unofficial exclusions by asking a parent to take their child home for a “cooling off period”, without formally excluding them. This kind of unofficial exclusion is unlawful.

Parents can consider this kind of unofficial withdrawal or a reduced timetable to be more favourable than an exclusion but it is not in the child’s interest.

The rules relating to school exclusion are contained in “Exclusion from Maintained Schools, Academies and Pupil Referral Units in England”. This statutory guidance requires that children who have been excluded must be provided with alternative education from the 6th day of their exclusion. Unless the child has been formally excluded this does not apply. When a child is informally excluded or put on a reduced timetable this requirement for alternative education does not apply.

Turners Solicitors provide legal support to parents and children when the child has been excluded from school, whether the exclusion is permanent, for a fixed term or unofficial. We are able to prepare the paperwork for an appeal and also attend the appeal hearing to represent parents who wish to appeal a decision to exclude their child.

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