Special Education Needs Statement

We will strive for the best education for your child with special needs.

Emma Turner, Education Law Specialist.

We specialise in helping parents of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) secure the additional support or specialist teaching they need.

Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) are the best way of guaranteeing the extra help or specific support a child with Special Educational Needs requires. They are relatively new and replaced Statements of Special Educational Needs.

Education law protects the interests of children with SEN but all too often legal obligations need to pointed out to Local Authorities and schools.

Your child may be on the Autistic Spectrum or have Asperger Syndrome or any other SEN. We can help secure the extra support that your child needs, whether in a mainstream school or special school so that the can achieve their potential.

Your Local Authority has legal obligations to provide the most appropriate support. Lack of funds is no reason not to do so.

We are here to help secure the best for your child.

Many parents find the SEN process to be a maze. Turner’s Solicitors can help your child thrive in school.

We can deal with the whole process or individual parts. Our services include:

  • Preparing appeal documents
  • Negotiating with the local authority or school
  • Attending meetings, including annual reviews
  • Representing parents at the final hearing


success rate

or above in tribunal cases

“I am very grateful for the professional service from all at the practice. Sound legal advice.”

Mrs H

John’s story – EHC Assessment & Plan

John was a bright 10 year old autistic boy who struggled to settle at school. He suffered anxiety in all aspects of his school life. His parents were constantly being contacted by the Head Teacher complaining about poor behaviour.

They were also experiencing melt-downs at home which were increasing in frequency. They felt John’s Special Educational Needs were not being met in school. They believed that his needs would be better met in a specialist school by staff who were trained to understand and manage Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

When they contacted Turner’s Solicitors, Emma Turner pressed the need for Education Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment. This led to an EHC Plan being drafted to answer John’s specific needs.

At first the local authority refused to recognise that there was a need for an EHCP but Turner’s lodged an appeal, using key elements on the Code of Practice, together with case law. The authority were forced to reconsider and agreed to issue an EHCP.
After accepting that an EHCP was needed, the challenge was to get the local authority to accept that a special school would better suit John’s needs. This was a major sticking point. Turner’s arranged for all the necessary evidence, including speech and language therapy reports and occupational therapy assessments.

Turner’s lodged a further appeal with the aim of securing the appropriate school for John. The Tribunal supported John and his parents and agreed that the mainstream school placement was not meeting his needs.

The Tribunal ordered that John should be given a place in the special school.

He is now settled in a special school, where he has a good network of friends and is responding well to the specialist support that is being provided. The right school environment has reduced his anxiety, enabling him to learn in a way that meets his needs. His self-esteem has improved and for the first time he has a network of friends.

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