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Not entirely happy with the school your child has been allocated? Don’t leave it to chance.

School Admission Guidance & Appeals

Turners Solicitors represent parents in both Primary and Secondary Admission Appeals.

If parents are not happy with the school that their child has been allocated they can make an appeal for their first choice school.

A case for appeal may arise when the school offers are made each spring or as a result of a family re-locating during term time. This can be a complicated process, especially with legislation relating to class sizes.

We prepare the written Grounds of Appeal and attend the appeal hearing to represent parents. Good schools receive a high number of applications for limited places. Competition for school places in high achieving schools can be fierce, particularly in popular Academies and Grammar Schools. Parents need to ensure they make the best possible appeal, using the statutory guidance and case law effectively.

Turner’s has a first class record in winning admission appeals in all parts of England and Wales in a range of different circumstances.

We prepare the appeal with reference to the current government guidance and case law. Previous school decisions also has an impact, therefore, researching how the school has operated in the past, sometimes with greater numbers can make a difference. We build the case after considering the school layout, previous numbers’ inspection report and individual circumstances of the child.


success rate

or above in tribunal cases

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